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- TALOS is powered from the 150/21kV Substation of Linoperamata with a dedicated line.

  - In an effort to minimize the investment cost, equipment that was taken out of service due to power limitations, was installed at the test station.
- An 150/21 kV Transfomer and two 15/21 kV Autotransformers are used to provide the desired voltage levels.   - Transformers have been fully covered with RTV SIR to protect them from erosion caused due to sea influence.

- TALOS is divided in three different sections:

- 150kV post insulators are installed in Section 1.

 - 150kV suspension insulators are installed in Section 2.

- 21kV post and suspension insulators as well as the clamp test set-up are installed in Section 3




- A control room has been installed at the center of the test station.

- A water pump has been installed in order to spray insulators for test and calibration purposes (e.g. check protection)

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